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Touching Base: An Embodied Anatomy Course for Rosen Method Bodywork Interns (and Practitioners) Via: Zoom, June 2, 2020

Rosen Method Institute Canada (RMIC) Is offering via: Zoom  Date: June 2, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Pacific Stand Time on Zoom  Fee: $50(CAD)  Register online here. Touching Base: An Embodied Anatomy […]

Workshops POSTPONED to Fall 2020

Upcoming Workshops Coming to Calgary, Alberta POSTPONED: Rosen Method Movement & Workshop:  Find out More Here Upcoming Workshops Coming to North Vancouver, Roberts Creek & Invermere, BC POSTPONED: Rosen Method Residential Bodywork Intensive:  Find […]

Rosen Method Movement & Bodywork Workshop, Calgary, AB. POSTPONED UNTIL FALL

Rosen Method Movement & Bodywork & Workshop   – 5 Day Workshop –  POSTPONED UNTIL FALL, in Cochrane, AB.  Fee: Early Bird: $698 (before March 16) , Regular: $775 (after March […]

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What our clients say

With recognition and acknowledgement I have been able to release old habits and embrace new hope.

Maivis Engelhardt

Registered Massage Therapist

Rosen Method Bodywork gave me the path to release old wounds and trauma which I had carried for so long. Because I felt “held” in Rosen, I was able to let go.

Grace Koehler

Rosen Method has helped me heal traumatic experiences, which before were buried alive in my tissues, preventing me from living a full life. With the help of gentle, listening hands, I’ve come back to me.

Judy Walker

Rosen Method touch reached beyond the physical to be in contact with essence, the soul of me and the first time I touched another in this same way I began to know this presence as me.

Susan Stirling

Rosen Method Bodyworker, RMIC Intern

Rosen Method has deepened my ongoing commitment towards self care and renewed my admiration for healing that is possible in my life.

Janie-Rae Crowley

Rosen Method Bodywork Intern

Our Mission

Mariette Berinstein is the owner of the R.M.I.C., the only centre for Rosen Method in Canada offering training programs and transformational workshops. Having experienced first hand the deeply transformative effects of the work through the learning, practicing and teaching process, both Mariette and Cinnamon are passionately dedicated to taking Rosen Method out into Western Canada and the US Pacific NorthWest. Together they hold a vision for the future of Rosen Method as a healing modality that is easily accessible, affordable and most importantly effective in its capacity to restore people to their vital, authentic, expressive and powerful selves.

Rosen Method Movement

Rosen Method Bodywork

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Who We Are

Mariette Berinstein

Mariette Berinstein

Director of Teaching, Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc. Certified in Senior Bodywork and Teacher, Practitioner
Cinnamon Cranston

Cinnamon Cranston

Rosen Method Workshop Teacher, Bodywork Practitioner and RMT
Bill Samsel

Bill Samsel

Director of Teaching, Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc. Certified in Senior Bodywork and Teacher, Practitioner
Karen Peters

Karen Peters

Director of Rosen Method Movement, Senior Rosen Method Movement Teacher Trainer
Sarah Dandridge

Sarah Dandridge

Co-Coordinator for Rosen Method Bodywork Internship Program, Senior Rosen Method Teacher, CMT, SEP
Matthew van der Geissen

Matthew van der Geissen

Instructor, Experiential Anatomy and Somatics



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Phone: 604-741-1618
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