Winnipeg Workshops

WINNIPEG, Manitoba

Introductory Workshop
May 1- 5, 2013

Rosen Method Movement Intensive
A Registered Training Program and/or for personal growth

Teacher: Marjorie Huebner
Kas-Sky Wholistic Health Care Centre
561 St. Anne’s Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba
9:30am – 4:00 pm each day (lunch is 1 ½ hour)  

Rosen Method Movement is an effective, methodical, and gentle form of movement that uses music to entice our bodies into motion. Developed by Marion Rosen, P.T., these unhurried movements, taken from physical therapy range of motion exercises are designed to keep joints healthy, invite body awareness, improve alignment, relax muscles, and expand the breath! Rosen Method Movement classes are offered in an atmosphere of camaraderie, creating a feeling of well-being and relaxation in order to prevent physical difficulties, feel better, and age gracefully.

Marjorie Huebner is a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner, Certified Rosen Method Movement Senior Teacher Trainer. She has a certificate to teach Authentic Movement and brings a background in modern dance, yoga and over 20 years doing hands-on healing work to her teaching of movement. She loves to bring anatomy and awareness of the body into her teaching of Rosen Method Movement. She believes movement is life and we are meant to move with ease and pleasure.

During a five-day intensive you will begin to participate in teaching various sections of a Rosen Method Movement class – learning to correctly demonstrate Rosen Method movements, describe the movements so students can follow along, and observe students while they move to better address their needs. Learn the theory of Rosen Method Movement – the intention of a class and why it is put together the way it is, including some anatomy and knowing what specific movements are doing for our bodies.
Learn to select music that supports the various sections of the class. Model the “feel” of a Rosen Method Movement class that invites ease, awareness and pleasure in moving. Participate in giving constructive feed back to fellow students and in sharing circles reflect on our own learning.

Register and pay by April 1st, 2013
Tuition: $650 payable to “Rosen Method Cascadia Centre”
By cheque or Visa/Master Card
(includes non-refundable deposit of $125)

Contact: Angie 204-837-5915 or email: desrochersemond@msn.comCascadia Centre toll free Canada/US 1-877-885-0179

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