Working with My Heart in My Hands

Cinnamon Cranston during a training session
Cinnamon Cranston during a training session

Every February I emerge from my winter cave and stretch my being out toward the promising rays of sun and pause … waiting for the trickle of excitement from the spirit seed deep within me that has awakened from it’s dream of what it could be and begins to open toward the possibility of its aliveness. For it is in February the darkness of winter lifts it’s grip and in my relief I find myself rekindling the love in my heart. Quite fittingly, February is also the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day or in my family we call it “Love Day”. So it is with the theme of the heart in mind that I share a quote I found the other day which spoke to me of connecting with my heart.

“Awake, my dear. Be kind to your sleeping heart. Take it out into the vast field of light and let it breathe.”

-Hafiz, fourteenth-century mystic poet


I remember in the first Level of my Rosen Method Bodywork Training how the teachers emphasized feeling into our own hearts as we were touching the people on the table and that this connection to our hearts would flow down our arms and through our hands and be present in our contact with the person we were touching. I also remember how the person on the table would be able to feel the difference in my touch. “You feel more there”, they would say or “I feel you more”. This was when I really began to understand that I couldn’t fake it in this work, I had to show up with my heart in my hands and really be there with the other person. I found to my delight that I did have the capacity to touch another in this way and I loved it. I had begun to awaken my sleeping heart. I also discovered that I had strong protective barriers that got in my way from time to time and still do.

One of the most profound things that Rosen Method has taught me is to honour the barriers, to “be kind to my sleeping heart”. I am so grateful for this teaching for it gave me a way to accept and love myself just the way I was. The allowing or meeting of whatever has arrived in me at that particular moment is what opens me toward the possibility of experiencing myself more completely and lovingly. The hard little seed protects it’s life force during the winter and only softens with the warmth of the sun’s embrace and the life giving breath of spring’s water. Like the dormant seed in winter, my heart needed to protect itself during cruel times.

Sometimes I still find myself back in that hard, protective place and it is a signal to me that there is something still unknown to me that is needing to be met. This “allowing what is there”, which is spoken as an invitation over and over during Rosen Method intensives, has taught me how to take my sleeping heart “out into the vast field of light and let it breathe”.

Being touched by someone who has there heart in their hands invites me to experience myself in exactly this way. I love to do this work because it only works if I let myself arrive with my heart in my hands whatever shape it might be in at that moment. You could call it awakening or radical acceptance or unconditional love. Rosen Method, for me, is like the sun that invites the seeds of our souls to experience our aliveness and all its possibilities.

– Cinnamon Cranston