From Lynda Napier

Rosen Institute Board President, 2014.
Lynda Napier, Rosen Institute Board President, 2014.

 Words of Inspiration from Lynda Napier, President of the Rosen Institute Board, on the up-coming 2014 Global Congress in Whistler, BC

I have truly had some of my most memorable experiences at Rosen global congresses. I have managed to get to all the congresses except one, which I missed because of illness and family crisis. During the time the congress was on, I felt the loss of being absent from the gathering where I am always welcomed, cared about and allowed to be me; a bit like an intensive, only bigger.

I went to the first one in Germany because Judith, our founder here in Australia, had died and her husband wanted me to go and say some words about our history and to present and meet with the wider Rosen world. I talked about serious things; what it’s like to struggle with illness, pioneering and life and death. I also quoted Rilke for Judith who often quoted his work. At the end of the talk, I was consumed with hugs by the Russian group and in tears with the sheer joy of unexpected and genuine connection – across language, across nationalities, across every barrier. It felt so good to be in a place of understanding with ‘strangers’ who suddenly were not. Rosen made this possible in our lives. For me, each congress is a celebration of that fact and an energy and inspiration boost for the every day challenges of the reality of taking Rosen into the world.

I go to every congress I can get to because I get connected with the essence of Rosen work again in a different way from the training. I meet with other practitioners and connect with their love of the work through spending time together and talking and reflecting for hours and hours about this work that has given me so much. It’s intense and wonderful. There’s no better place to be. It’s a big circle of more than friends. We have a connection through who we are as Rosen people who have studied hard and been transformed through the demands of Rosen training and practice. I get to reset, reclaim, and renew my commitment to this amazing modality through being present with my community of interest. I’m hoping I will see you in August.