Bill Samsel Bill Samsel is a Senior Teacher and the Director of Teaching of the Rosen Method Cascadia Centre. Bill began studying with Marion Rosen, founder of the Rosen Method, in 1979. He was a student in the first training program, becoming certified as a Rosen Method practitioner in 1982 and later a Senior Teacher. He has a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. He is a past President of the Rosen Institute. He teaches in the Monterey Bay area, at the Rosen Center in Berkeley, California, at the Cascadia Centre, Canada and in Australia.
Mariette Berinstein portrait Mariette Berinstein, Director of Rosen Method Cascadia Centre is a Certified Bodywork Senior Teacher and Practitioner.  She has trained and worked with a number of teachers, including Marion Rosen (founder) and Elaine Mayland, author of “Rosen Method: An Approach to Wholeness and Wellbeing Through the Body”.  Mariette discovered Rosen Method in 1989 while on her own healing journey.   In honouring the sacredness of this work, she creates an allowing, safe place for the individual to connect with their authentic, whole Self. As an artist, Mariette brings creativity and passion to her teaching and her practice.
Sarah Dandridge Sarah Dandridge, CMT, SEP, was trained by Marion Rosen and has been practicing Rosen Method for 23 years in the Bay Area. For many years, Sarah has been a Primary supervisor for Rosen interns and she co-taught the first training class for supervisor candidates in Berkeley. Sarah is a certified Teacher and has taught introductory workhops and co-taught intensives in Canada, Moscow, Santa Fe and the Bay Area. She is also a certified practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, the technique developed by Peter Levine to resolve trauma in the body. Sarah served as treasurer of the Board of the Rosen Institute with Bill Samsel for 3 years. She is an avid birdwatcher.


Karen Peters Karen Peters is a Senior Rosen Method Movement Teacher Trainer, and an Alexander Technique Teacher as well. Karen was trained in Berkeley as a Movement Teacher by Jane Malek and Lisa Thompson; she was subsequently trained as a Teacher Trainer by Theresa Garcia.  She currently teaches a weekly class in Napa, California, and teaches movement training classes at the Berkeley Center. Karen has two young sons at home, and finds teaching Rosen Movement to be an invaluable source of sanity, love, joy, and aliveness.     


Eva Rask Eva Rask is a welcoming, enthusiastic and inspirational teacher with 30 years experience. Eva is a physiotherapist, shiatsu and massage therapist, doctor of Naprapathy, and Rosen Method therapist, based in Sweden. She has been teaching massage and anatomy – theoretical and emotional – for many years in Scandinavia, Europe and the USA