Bodywork Training


Bodywork TrainingRosen Method Cascadia Centre is a Registered School with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC (PCTIA).  It is certified by the Rosen Institute, California.  Training is Tax Deductible.

One unique aspect to the training received at Rosen Method Cascadia Centre is that our courses are given in a residential-type setting that supports the students and deepens the process of learning.

The training program in Rosen Method Bodywork consists of three levels which lead to Certification by the Rosen Institute as a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner. It is an experiential exploration of the practical and philosophical aspects of Rosen Method Bodywork. Students get direct experience with Rosen Method Bodywork and a chance to observe the effects of the work in themselves and their fellow students. The curriculum includes demonstrations, teaching the principles of this work, anatomy, discussions of personal experiences and practice of Rosen Method Bodywork under supervision.

Level 1: Beginning Training provides the first stage of the program, the fundamentals and theory of Rosen Method Bodywork.  It consists of a minimum of 126 hours of classroom time in courses taught by Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Teacher(s).
Courses are presented at three 7 day Intensives, or two 7 day Intensives and 1 series of 3 weekends (to equal the 3rd Intensive) between September and May each year.  It is recommended that students receive private Rosen Method Bodywork sessions between courses.
Level II: Advanced Training consists of a minimum of 134 hours of classroom time in courses taught by a certified Rosen Method Bodywork teacher(s).  Courses are presented at either three 7 day Intensives, or two 7 day Intensives and one series of 3 weekends (to equal the 3rd Intensive).  Students are required to give 8 Rosen Method Bodywork sessions while supervised by a Certified Practitioner or Teacher approved by Rosen Method Cascadia Centre. They must also receive 8 personal Rosen Method Bodywork sessions from a certified practitioner.
Level III: Certification Level, consists of a minimum of  34 hours of classroom discussion, 25 supervisions and 5 client reviews by a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Teacher/Primary Supervisor approved by the Rosen Method Cascadia Centre.  Also the Level III student is required to complete 350 hours of Rosen Method Bodywork sessions; to receive 25 personal Rosen Method Bodywork sessions with a certified Rosen Method practitioner. The entire Certification Level is under the supervision of the Primary Supervisor who consults with the Director of Teaching and the School Owner.