Travel Information

Below is some important information to consider as you make your plans to join us here at the Cascadia Centre in Roberts Creek, BC.

Air Travel

Students traveling from outside the Vancouver area usually travel by plane flying in to Vancouver International Airport.

  • Arrival in Vancouver should be on the Friday before the Intensive. Please plan to be on the last ferry to the Sunshine Coast.
  • Departure should be either early evening of the last Saturday of the Intensive or Sunday morning/afternoon the following day.
  • When booking flight times please consider that it takes two hours of travel time from the airport to Roberts Creek therefore early morning and late evening flights are discouraged.

Ferry Travel and Public Transit

  • Travel from the Vancouver airport to Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal in West Vancouver can be done by boarding the Sky Train at the Vancouver Airport and taking it to downtown City Centre Station. From this station you exit onto W. Georgia Street, cross the street to the other side and go to bus stop 58504 (beside the Hudson’s Bay) and take express bus #257-Horseshoe Bay from downtown to Horseshoe Bay.
  • Please go to for route planning/map and check with the for ferry times.
  • The ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay has a foot passenger ticket gate right next to the bus stop/taxi stand. Here you will purchase a return ticket to Langdale ferry terminal. There is a baggage drop off area for your luggage if you do not wish to carry it with you on the ferry. It can be quite cumbersome.
  • Once on board the ferry you should text Cinnamon Cranston at 1-780-203-5159 or Mariette Berinstein at 1-604-741-1618 to let her know of your arrival. The Centre also has a toll-free number you can call at 1-877-885-0179.
  • Disembark with the rest of the Foot Passengers on Level Two of the Car deck. Walk to the Passenger Pick-Up Area and someone from the RMIC will be there to pick you up and drive you to the Cascadia Centre.

Student-Coordinated Travel

  • Often students traveling from the same area will arrange to travel together by plane, car etc. With student permission we can arrange for students from all areas to meet up at Vancouver airport to make the second part of the journey to Roberts Creek together.
  • Look for an email closer to your course about Student Itinerary request from the RMIC. This email will also ask for consent to share your cell #/email with other students so that you can meet up with each other in Vancouver.