Touching Base: An Embodied Anatomy Course for Rosen Method Bodywork Interns (and Practitioners) Via: Zoom, Oct. 20, 2020

Rosen Method Institute Canada (RMIC) Is offering via: Zoom

 Date: October 20, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Stand Time on Zoom

 Fee: $50(CAD)

 Register online here.

Touching Base: An Embodied Anatomy Course for Rosen Method Bodywork Interns (and Practitioners)

During this time of physical distancing, when Rosen Method Bodywork interns (and practitioners) are not able to continue their practice of putting hands on, we are offering an opportunity to deepen your study of Rosen Method and your awareness of your own body.  Touching into yourself through embodied awareness will feed and deepen your capacity to touch others, when you are once again able to put hands on.  You will return to your work with a deeper awareness and resilience within yourself, with more capacity to feel and be there for your client.

These three hour sessions, offered once a month or so, will include some functional, embodied anatomy, some Rosen Method Movement to help you experience and explore your anatomy, and a sharing circle.  They will be taught and led by Karen Peters, our Director of Rosen Method Movement Training and by our Senior Rosen Method Bodywork Teachers.

You do not need to be affiliated with RMIC to participate in these offerings.

 Date: October 20, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Stand Time on Zoom
 Fee: $50(CAD) 

When you register, we will send you more information and a zoom link for the class.

Info: Mariette Berinstein phone/text: 604-741-1618 email

or  Karen Peters phone/text: 707-342-0257 e-mail 

payable by E-transfer,  by cheque, or other

Mail to RMIC, 3311 Beach Ave. Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W2 Canada;

If you have lost livelihood during these times, please use a sliding scale, and drop it as low as you need.

Rosen Method Bodywork is a unique form that uses a listening touch, both present and responsive, along with affirmative words to invite deep relaxation and self-awareness in the body. This is an effective way to access your vitality and inner resilience, as your body awakens and shifts out of survival mode and into wellbeing.

Rosen Method Movement re-awakens your capacity to move with more ease and to inhabit yourself with awareness and with self-compassion. Rosen Method Movement will help you discover patterns of tension and habits of movement that have been causing pain or limiting your potential the effect is restorative and liberating!

Karen Peters

Senior Rosen Method Movement Teacher Trainer, Alexander Technique Teacher, Karen Peters is a Senior Rosen Method Movement Teacher Trainer, and an Alexander Technique Teacher as well. Karen was trained in Berkeley as a Movement Teacher by Jane Malek and Lisa Thompson; she was subsequently trained as a Teacher Trainer by Theresa Garcia. She currently teaches a weekly class in Napa, California, and teaches movement training classes at the Berkeley Center. Karen has two young sons at home, and finds teaching Rosen Movement to be an invaluable source of sanity, love, joy, and aliveness.