Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive – May 14-21, 2016

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Our Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive will be held on May 14-21, 2016 at Cascadia Centre in Roberts Creek BC on the Sunshine Coast.

Registered Training Program and Personal Self-Discovery Workshop, will be taught by Certified Senior Rosen Method Teachers, Bill Samsel and Gloria Hessellund.

Space is limited, so please register early. using our Registration LINK 

Gloria Hessellund – Certified Senior Rosen Method Teacher

Gloria Hessellund, MA, Senior Rosen Method Teacher

Gloria Hessellund, M.A., is Director of Teaching for training programs in Berkeley (CA), Sweden, Norway, Australia, and the UK. Marion Rosen’s close student and colleague for many years, Gloria has been teaching Rosen Method internationally since 1985. She offers students a deep knowledge of the work, compassion, acceptance, and a natural, easy, supportive teaching style.



Bill Samsel, Director of Teaching, Senior Teacher

Bill Samsel – Director of Teaching, Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc., Certified Senior Teacher

Bill Samsel was one of Marion Rosen’s (Founder) students from the first training class of 1980-1982. Bill continued to study with Marion and was a friend and a colleague until her passing in January 2012. He became President of the Rosen Institute in 1998 and served for 5 years. In 2001 he became a certified Senior Teacher. Bill is recognized world-wide for his teaching, his knowledge and depth of “Rosen Method” and is invited to teach in a number of the schools around the world. He is able to create and maintain a safe space for students, providing them an opportunity for deeper self-awareness and truthful self-expression. He brings warmth, humor and compassion to his work. He has a private practice in Santa Cruz, CA

Intensives invite professional deepening and personal self-discovery.

In a charming residential retreat setting at the Cascadia Centre located in the heart of Roberts Creek situated on a three quarter acre property within walking distance to beautiful beaches, hiking trails in an old growth forest.

The Intensive is designed so that the students have a direct experience with Rosen Method through demonstration, hands-on experience, discussions, sharing and sharing circles. The demonstrations are a teaching time in the Rosen Method Bodywork.  The teacher shares what he/she is doing, seeing and feeling. During this time questions are invited. The sharing circles create a safe, supportive environment for one to speak from her/his own experience while being supported by the teachers. Also the support of the group enriches and deepens the process in a residential setting.

About Rosen Method Bodywork
Rosen Method Bodywork is unique in its use of sensitive gentle touch, which meets chronic muscle tension, allowing relaxation.  Rosen Method is a way to access feelings and experiences through the body. Often words are used to speak into what we see or feel, which supports the process. Through muscle tension, the body represses feelings and experiences that we cannot handle at the time of their occurrence. In this way we often forget what happened. Chronic tension, which once served as a protection, often becomes a barrier, a limitation to the full expression of our aliveness.  When the client relaxes deeply, they may connect with this tension in a way that allows them to experience and become aware of these barriers, therefore supporting the possibility of change at a deep level.

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Tuition: $1,100(Cdn) payable to “Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc.”(includes non-refundable deposit of $250)
Lodging & Meals: $598.40(Cdn) includes Taxes payable to “Cascadia Retreats”
Register by April 16, 2016 to ensure your place
Note: Later registration  Lodging & Meals fee is increased to $673.40

Contact Toll-Free Canada/US 1-877-885-0179 or 604-885-0179

CEUs are available for bodyworkers and massage therapists through the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) as an approved provider for Continue Education. CEUs are available also, for US students in bodyworkers and massage therapists through NCBTMB, which is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage bodywork (NCBTMA) as an approved provider for Continuing Education.

Upon registration you’ll receive information on arrival details, checking in, transportation, etc.