Rosen Institute Board President’s Annual Letter

Rosen Institute Board President, 2014.
Rosen Institute Board President, 2014.

President’s Annual Letter

Hello from Australia in summertime!

It’s been a while since I wrote to you, last year, to ask for your support in the form of membership in the Rosen Institute.

As president of the Rosen Institute Board for 2013/2014, I’ve been busy doing behind- the-scenes work on transforming the Rosen Institute to have more participation and greater global connection. I’m not doing this on my own, of course, but with lots of other hard-working members of the Rosen community on the Rosen Institute Board and in committees and other groups.

I would like to ask you today to: (1) consider a great opportunity for Rosen connection, (2) read what we’ve accomplished with the Rosen Institute in 2013 and what we are focusing on this year, and (3) find out how to renew your membership or become a new member of the Rosen Institute for 2014.

We’re in a state of profound transition in the Rosen Institute: we’re becoming a more solid, grounded professional organization as we shift Rosen Method from a “method” or somatic methodology to a “profession,” with a keen focus on the maintenance of quality for teaching and practice. It’s true that we are weathering some of the storms that historically happen with many founder-based organizations. And at the same time, a new generation of elders has stepped up their participation and is being joined by those younger to Rosen Method. There is determination to give solid foundation and timely impetus to the inspiring roots of Rosen Method seeded and grounded for so many years by Marion Rosen.

Global Congress

Connection? I’m all for it! A great big thing in our Rosen world is the next Global Congress in Canada. If you haven’t registered yet, it’s time to do it. The dynamic Canadian team is ready to receive your registration. Please think of it as a priority for your and everyone’s Rosen future. This is a brilliant opportunity to get together and really connect with other people who care about the Rosen Method as much as you do,

newcomers and Rosen elders, and all the wonderful people in between. We always benefit from participation in a dedicated event that focuses on what we do as proponents of Rosen Method. It helps us recalibrate and sort out where we are going. Our biennial Global Congress and Leaders Conference provide the forum that renews our vision and helps us make progress in bringing our meaningful work into the world. This year we will be exploring the question, “How do we make sure the rest of the world can learn about Rosen Method and the remarkable value it can bring?”

This year – 2014 – is the 100th year since Marion was born! At the Congress we will be celebrating her contribution and great gift to us all – the Rosen Method. She’s not here in person with us anymore, so we are now holding Rosen in our hands, together – that’s our job now that she’s gone. It is our privilege and challenge to carry on her mission. I believe we have the means and the vehicle to do that and do it well. We have an additional legacy to acknowledge, too – that Marion had the foresight to endorse the establishment of the Rosen Institute. And unsurprisingly, the organisation is made stronger and more effective by the contribution of each and every one of us.

I really encourage you to come to Canada and be part of the gathering. The Global Congress, hosted by the Canadian Training Center in this auspicious year, is an opportunity to contribute with your presence, your listening, and your unique voice.

Please join in the conversation there, if you possibly can!

Achievements for 2013

The Rosen Institute Board and associated groups did get quite a few things done in 2013. We:

  • elected an Executive Team for the Board (me, Australia; Peter Toft Nielsen, Denmark, Vice President; and Louisa Castner, US, Secretary) to give attention to developing themes of work, to handle issues in between the Board meetings, and to plan and run the Board meetings. And I take this opportunity to express appreciation to Sara Webb for her service as the first elected Treasurer. Sara stepped down near the end of our first year due to other commitments.
  • started the ball rolling, experimenting with a way of working together called Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry is an approach for helping organizations of all kinds to thrive, to accomplish their mission with the least amount of conflict, and to build on life-giving principles of shared commitment and vision. The Executive Team has begun using it with the Board, and our idea is for it to become more widely known and used within the Rosen community over time. We especially like that the Appreciative Inquiry approach calls for celebrations – that is, noticing what is working well and what we value and enjoy. Nice practice.______________________________________________________________________________________

The Rosen Institute: founded by Marion Rosen in 1983 to protect and sustain the quality standards of Rosen Method® worldwide.


  • produced an updated comprehensive Ethics and Scope of Practice document for the Rosen Method and sent it out to the wider Rosen community for consultation. The Ethics Committee received a lot of thoughtful feedback, which the Committee is still working to incorporate. The revised document will to go to the Board for final approval this year.
  • decided that it was time for the Rosen Institute to be funded on a stable, regular basis and had our first round of membership registrations and payment of dues. We had a strong contingent of interns, practitioners, movement teachers, and trainers – as well as all the Rosen centers – sign up and support us in this first period of sorting out all the new practicalities, which was very heartening. As a result, all of the Rosen Institute bills were paid, and for the first time ever, no additional fundraising had to be done to pay for the Institute’s normal operations.
  • are ready to begin the new Continuing Education (CE) format designed by the All Teachers Group (ATG), and we plan to also approve programs for CE this year for practitioners and movement teachers.
  • wrote and sent out a detailed Request for Proposal to website developers in the U.S. and Europe to make sure we find the right team to create a value for money/staged development website that will be useful for us all – for people discovering Rosen Method for the first time and for the Rosen community’s needs. The website will be our virtual office, with many levels of information and helpful resources for all of our members.
  • established a broader leadership team – we are now sharing the work of the Rosen Institute and not relying on one person to carry it all. We sustained our expanded and structured working process all year.While this may not sound very exciting (!), it makes a big difference for our profession in terms of our efficiency and how we work together. It’s important that we can all trust that we are engaged in a robust process – not only about what we work on but how we work on every issue for the future of Rosen Method. Some of our project leaders include: Ingrid-Maria Nordgren, UK – Ethics and Scope of Practice; Sarah Dandridge, US – ATG and CE for Rosen trainers; Mariette Berinstein, Canada – Global Congress VI and Leaders Conference 2014; Louisa Castner and Sarah Dandridge, US – 19 May North American Rosen community broadcast meeting; Alan Fogel, US – revitalization of the International Rosen Method Journal with a new multinational editorial board and charter; Juliane Knoop, Germany, and Louisa Castner, US – CE for practitioners and movement teachers.In summary, we established professional Board processes for a professional organization, to sustain Rosen Method and support its growth in the future.______________________________________________________________________________________

The Rosen Institute: founded by Marion Rosen in 1983 to protect and sustain the quality standards of Rosen Method® worldwide.


2014 – Looking Forward

We are already into a program for 2014, and the year ahead holds both major challenges and exciting development and events.

The list is already growing:

  • the first rotation and orientation is occurring on the new democratic Rosen Institute Board of Directors, bringing in many new representatives who have not previously served on the global governance body;
  • the development of the global website is underway, to be launched later in the year;
  • the CE proposal for practitioners and movement teachers will be completed;
  • the first CE program for trainers will be launched through the ATG;
  • the revised Ethics and Scope of Practice document will be completed anddistributed;
  • Global Congress VI and Leaders Conference 2014 will be held in Whistler, BC, Canada, in August – please register now!
  • new issues of the International Journal are planned;
  • preparation for a new Rosen Institute Board leadership team for2015/2016 will happen;
  • and we will be communicating with you more often when we have things we would like to share with you.Membership of the Rosen InstituteI know it can sometimes be a bit hard to talk and think about finances, but money is a reality of exchange in our world, and funding is necessary to make our organisation function reliably. I am raising this subject with you because we need to support the Rosen Institute in order to accomplish our vision and mission – growing Rosen locally and globally. When we share, and share willingly, it makes financial stability a much easier goal. It’s time to register for your membership for 2014 and take a stand for the shared responsibility of keeping Rosen Method standards high.I am proud to work as a professional in a modality that enriches my clients’ lives and mine, too. I support the Rosen Institute because I want my professional certificate to continue to be meaningful and valuable. I want to keep developing my professional


The Rosen Institute: founded by Marion Rosen in 1983 to protect and sustain the quality standards of Rosen Method® worldwide.


skills and personal growth through access to Rosen-specific continuing education, which is in the process of being introduced – more on that soon.

A thriving global organisation provides much beyond what I can do as an individual and creates a central hub for our efforts to keep Rosen Method clear and strong and growing. I am reassured, each time I practice or run an event, by the quiet knowledge that the Rosen Institute is internationally established and actively working to grow Rosen locally and globally. I have been Board President for a bit more than a year now and have seen firsthand how important it is to have a global organizational body maintaining quality standards. People from far corners of the world contact me and other Board leaders for support and clarification of both the generalities and specifics of our work within the Rosen Institute. This continues to cultivate better understanding and support for what we are doing and how it benefits the Method itself.

The registration for membership is due on 1 January each year. The payment period for dues is open through March 31. Please see the information attached on how to register online to be a member of the Rosen Institute.

We value and appreciate your payment at your earliest opportunity. The amount for membership dues voted on in 2012 remains the same. There has been no increase in fees for 2014.

Staying Connected

As part of the Rosen Institute Board and the Executive Team for 2013/2014, I am so excited about the prospects and possibilities for the Rosen Method in 2014 and beyond. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Global Congress in August to talk more about the opportunities ahead. If you would like to be in touch, please reach out – we have an email address for the Executive Team at

Warm regards,

Lynda Napier
President, Rosen Institute February 2014