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Rosen Institute Board President, 2014.
Rosen Institute Board President, 2014, Lynda Napier


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Quick Post-Congress Update

After a big event that we’ve worked on for a long time – members of Team Canada put their lives on hold for a year – it can be a challenge to communicate to others who didn’t experience it, just what it was like to be there. On so many levels.

At the moment, I can say that we had a very good Leaders’ Conference and Global Congress. Every person involved in putting it together contributed more than they thought possible, and then, when the participants showed up, they did the same. It was really something. If you have someone in your network who attended, please ask them to tell you what stood out for them.

We have a lot of material from the work we did while we were together, and we’ll share that over the next couple of months.

We know staying in touch is important. One of the things we heard at the Congress was that hearing from us as we work on Rosen Institute business for the Rosen Method is helpful so everyone can understand the importance of the organisation and the part each of us plays in it.

Holding the meeting space

During the Congress we shared some of the details of the logistics of the work behind the scenes – the time zones we cross in one meeting from 5am to 10pm across the globe for two-hour meetings, the numbers of people on the Board calls and the challenges of working efficiently with all of our cultural diversity but united in our love for the Rosen Method and passion for it to have a steady place in the world.

Deborah Lynn suggested that she would like to help us hold the space for good meetings to happen – that is, she will note the times we meet and meditate or light a candle for us, or simply hold us in positive light in her thoughts. For Board meetings and for ET meetings.

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Rosen Institute Newsletter August 2014