Certification Level

The Certification Level is the final step in the journey to becoming a certified Rosen Method Practitioner under the Rosen Institute, the certifying organization for all Rosen Method Professionals.

Bodywork practitioners may work in private practice and/or can work with healthcare teams offering a somatic-focused approach to trauma and addiction recovery, cancer wellness and grief counseling among other areas.   Practitioners can also pursue higher education in Rosen Method, becoming teacher trainers, supervisors and senior teachers offering further opportunities for the Rosen Method professional and the somatic therapy field.

Examples of occupations in the healthcare field:

  • Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner
  • Rosen Method Workshop Teacher
  • Rosen Method Supervisor
  • Wellness and Relaxation Coach
  • Somatic-focused addiction recovery
  • Touch therapy grief counseling

The Program

Students in this program train during 4-day intensive sessions held at the Cascadia Centre in Roberts Creek, BC.  Only Certification Level students attend these events allowing for focused attention on dynamic advanced topics relating to client care and practice creation, development and maintenance.

Students must complete a minimum of 101 hours of classroom time including 25 formal supervisions over a period of 2 years. Students will also participate in 6 consultations as well as receive 30 Rosen Method Bodywork sessions within the 2 years.

Client Hours

This is a vital part of the program and critical to the growth of the student into becoming a skilled and knowledgable practitioner able to enter private practice.  All students must complete 350 client hours on their own time. Client hours are practice sessions done by the student with clients.   This helps the student to build a practice in their community or region. This is an important requirement of the Rosen Institute

Students are closely evaluated on their client work in 25 individually supervised sessions throughout the duration of the program. Case-studies, an essay and regular reports are also an important part of assessing the students progress to ensure they are receiving the support and skill foundation they need to enter the professional world.

Upon completion of the Certification Level, students will have advanced knowledge of Rosen Method theory including: connections between emotion, the unconscious and patterns of muscle tension; practitioner self-awareness, objectivity and creation of safe spaces. The student will have knowledge of anatomy and emotional and experiential anatomy. The student will have advanced skills in bodywork including locating of core tension, receptive and supportive communication, and monitoring and assessing natural and un-preformed breath.   The student will have knowledge of private practice marketing including understanding the somatic modality market, print and media marketing strategies, self-promotion and networking in the healthcare industry. The student will understand the theories of professional boundaries including boundary maintenance, transference and countertransference, power dynamics, and dual relationships.

Admission Requirements

Students must have successfully completed the Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner Training program under the training of the Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc. or another Rosen Institute-recognized school. The student must be registered with the Rosen Institute as a member in good standing. The student will be interviewed by the Director of Teaching or the Executive Director before receiving admittance to the program.