Compassion, Acceptance, Discovery

Janie-RaeJanie-Rae Crowley, RMB Intern Shares: What Rosen Method Bodywork Means to Me

Rosen Method Bodywork is about compassion, acceptance and discovery. The work involves gentle, direct, and non-manipulative touch and words to ease muscle tension or pain that may be held in the body. Often unnoticed emotions or feelings hold the muscles tight in a habitual state.  Easing the body into deep relaxation requires patience.  Patience as the mind connects with the body registering the “touch”. It can be challenging for the client and practitioner to accept the time required but the rewards are definitely worth it.

When I first experienced deeply held feelings in my body during a Rosen Method session I was stunned. Where did that feeling come from in my body?  How could I have not known that it was there? After all, I believed I was very much in touch with my feelings at that stage in my life. The release of the feelings was draining and peaceful.  It was like the absolute truth about a part of myself became visible to me –a real uh-huh light bulb moment. That process opened up some possibilities for me to accept “me” as I really am, to feel true compassion for myself and a desire for further self-discovery.

Subsequent RMB sessions revealed more wonders. I was so drawn by my own sense of wellbeing when I touched other people using this unique method that I began the training in the work. My personal relationships improved with my newly found clarity and I felt a new sense of purpose in my life.

My life long career as a registered nurse had taught me the definite importance of touch.  I believe Rosen Method allows that experience for healing through touch that is needed by many people. The RMB experience is personal. Marion Rosen taught that practitioners act as “mid wives” in that process. She shared such a remarkable gift with so many others in her long and meaningful life. I am grateful to her and her knowledge.

As I am recently retired, I can now pursue my work full time as a Rosen Method Bodywork Intern.  When I am working with clients I want to meet the muscle tension in their bodies, places where long held feelings may be contained.  Remaining connected, grounded, focused on the person on the table it seems as if time stands still.  In that moment truly remarkable communication takes place between humans.  For me it feels like compassion, acceptance and inquisitiveness come together, meeting the tension and waiting for a response. I am delighted to have these opportunities for learning and working with others.

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