Intention Decides Outcome

Cascadia Centre, home of Rosen Method Institute Canada
Cascadia Centre, home of Rosen Method Institute Canada

At a recent Rosen Bodywork Intensive someone lost a watch; we looked around for a day or two without finding it. The owner of the watch last remembered seeing it on our kitchen counter and wondered if it could possibly have fallen into the garbage.

This is the story of how this watch found us;

A small group of us were sitting around the table when the owner who was leaving for the night announced the watch had not be found and she was going to look in the garbage in the morning.

Immediately those of us around the table knew we would go out into the dark rainy night to inspect the bag of garbage that could contain the lost watch, even while the owner insisted we leave this task for her until morning.

Once we set our intention and knew what was to be accomplished nothing would stand in the way of what was now in motion.

We headed out to the dark shed flashlight in hand and opened the trash bag that was thought to contain the hidden watch. With all of us present and available we began to delicately move the debris that was lying on the surface. After a few moments we switched our hands to the outside of the bag carefully holding and smoothly moving a handful of garbage at a time.

Within seconds the watch all but offered itself up to us jumping out from the middle of the trash and up into our waiting hands; with the attending screams of wonder and joy reverberating into the night.

Once we set our intention and moved willingly forward that which we desired appeared as if of its own accord into our willing and eager hands.

There is influence behind intention and we should make note of the fine edge we are walking so I include a reminder to reflect; are any motives apparent, are all wishes and prayers in alignment with and in tune with the higher good of all. What intent have you set in motion and is it consecrated to carry us forward towards the one and only truth?

This submission from all the willing hands and bodies of Oct 2011 Rosen Body Intensive. (By Susan Sterling)