Global Congress Thank-you Letter

Whistler, BC, Canada

Dear Whistler Global Congress attendees:

On behalf of the Rosen Institute Executive Team and the Canadian Global Congress Planning Committee, we wish to give you our wholehearted thanks for your lively and engaged participation at the Congress. All of you stepped out and up to meet us there, and for that we are profoundly grateful. Everyone worked hard to come together as a community of interest in a way we never have before, embracing both the light and the shadow side of Rosen Method, a work that has touched us all so deeply. Well done, us!

We also want to let you know that all the papers with your morning panel group reflections, “I was at Whistler when we …” statements, and simple commitment statements, have been collected and are being received by the RI ET and the Canadian Team for follow-up. We will keep you updated on our findings! We all felt strongly that the group reflections were a true reflection of what was birthed at this Congress, and we will receive your words with the care and attention they deserve.

An official Report on the Global Congress is in the works and will be released by November 2014.

We all did some amazing, connective work together at Whistler–proof that we now have a strong organization that supports the growth of Rosen Method. We encourage you to share your experiences widely, with friends, family, and colleagues. At times it may be hard to find the words to capture some of the most transformative moments, but keep trying. Carry it forward and remember: you were at Whistler when we . . . made Rosen history.

Let us together make sure that the Rosen Institute remains viable! As you share your Whistler stories, please encourage your colleagues/students to join the Rosen Institute (if they haven’t already) as equally committed members in good standing. At the site, it’s a simple click away, on the RI wave logo.

Thank you again for your commitment to Rosen Method and the Rosen Institute.

In appreciation,
Mariette Berinstein, Cinnamon Cranston, Lynda Napier, Louisa Castner

Global Congress Planning Committee, 2014

More info on the 2014 Global Congress is HERE