A Personal Invitation

Louisa Castner, Rosen Institute Board Secretary

Global Congress, 2014: A Personal Invitation from Louisa Castner, Secretary for the Rosen Institute Board.

This will be my first Rosen Global Congress. I am so looking forward to connecting with my Rosen colleagues, both old and new friends. I’ve been on the Rosen Institute Board of Directors since June 2011, representing the Emerging Training Centers. In Fall 2012, I was elected secretary of the executive team of the Board, and I’ve served in that position since January 2013.

Only since my tenure on the Board have I truly understood how widespread and global our community is. Rosen Method reaches far and wide. And I believe that most of us want the name and the work to spread even farther and wider. We have a running joke on the Board that when a center or RMPA gets started in India or Japan, our conference calls are going to get crazy!

The Global Congress is our biannual opportunity to renew our deep connections with one another—in person—not just by Skype or email. It is that rare chance to tangibly create a new, ever expanding Rosen sharing circle—the feature of our intensives I miss the most.

Even more important to me this year, at my first, is the chance to help usher Rosen Method into the future as a strong, easily recognized bodywork modality. When we meet together as Rosen professionals in August, we will co-create our profession: we will talk about our ethics and scope of practice; we’ll discuss the quality standards of our work; we’ll teach each other what insights we are gaining from reading and research outside of our fields; and we’ll advance our own professional development through continuing education.

Rosen Method will circle the globe when all of us are participating, stepping up to contribute to the vision of what our future will look like. And this Global Congress is the best next step toward that. Please join me. I want to see you there.