Fall: A Time For New Beginnings


Every fall an old familiar excitement returns; the prospect of  beginning and learning something new. I used to love going to buy my books and supplies for school because it signified a fresh start and the promise of something new. This year like every other I have that familiar feeling again as Mariette and I set forth our new courses and workshops for this fall. For me, it is my first fall as the Vice President of the RMIC and  my first time being a part of the launch of school courses. I am both excited for the opportunity to learn more and grateful to be a part of such an amazing community and team at the RMIC.

Mariette and I have worked hard to design our course schedule with the goal of taking the Rosen Method training out into the communities of Vancouver/Robert’s Creek and Edmonton on a frequent and regular basis.

I am especially excited about our Informative Evenings/Afternoons in Somatic Education where we will be having a talk, demonstration and experiential workshop that provides people the opportunity to both be introduced to Rosen Method and experience it in a group setting. Mariette and I both feel passionate about this work and are very pleased to be creating these opportunities.

I have always believed that if we, as a school, are consistent in our presence and communication of our program we will be successful in the education and advancement of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement in Canada. So as we begin another school year, and I am reminded  of new beginnings and the promise of what is unknown becoming known, I invite you to join me!