Experiential Anatomy

An intensive workshop in the anatomical path of self-inquiry, working with the latest in somatic research.
Blending theory and experiential learning

Experiential Anatomy and Movement Workshop

This 5-day experiential workshop is an exploration of the human body, development and motion as taught by Matthew van der Giessen and Karen Peters. This Workshop offers a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their experience of the sensory/imaginal body. Body tissues are felt and moved so that they can be experienced from the inside-out. This anatomical path of self-inquiry helps participants more fully understand their inner sensory landscape, helping them deepen their ability to meet others from a place of embodied presence.

This workshop offers a range of insights on anatomy and physiology from the foremost contributors to somatic psychology.

  • Each section is taught using a blend of theory and experiential learning including body rolling and movement to engage the tissues.
  • Applied practice will include embodiment exercises from a wide range of somatic practices with a special focus on Rosen Method Movement and Alexander Technique.
  • This teaching follows the organization of the human organism from birth to adulthood with a focus on how charge moves through the body, and includes anatomy related to the development of body compartments and bands.
  • Participants will also explore how habit and trauma distort the structural and energetic organization of the body.
  • This workshop is beneficial training for somatic practitioners and teachers, movement teachers, health and wellness professionals, mental health professionals, as well as anyone interested in the body-mind connection.