About Marion Rosen

Founder of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement
Marion Rosen

MARION ROSEN, the Founder of Rosen Method, was originally trained in relaxation and breathwork in her homeland of Germany in the late 1930s. Marion’s teacher, Lucy Heyer, was a student of Elsa Gindler whose profound influence is seen today in the field of Somatics. Marion very early became fascinated with the interconnection of our psyches and somas. She trained in physical therapy in Stockholm and at Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Marion Rosen was a physical therapist and health educator with over 60 years experience working with the reality of the mind-body connection. Her unique approach to Rosen Method Bodywork and Rosen Method Movement earned her recognition as a leader and originator in the field of body-oriented therapies. In her later years, Marion lived in Berkeley, California, teaching and practicing her work.