A Safe Playground: Rosen Method Movement

A Safe Playground

In April I attended my first Rosen Method Movement Intensive and I was delightfully suprised to experience the profound effects of this work in my body. Having completed the Rosen Method Bodywork training program I was familiar with the movement classes because they were often incorporated in to the Intensives.

What I was not aware of was the profound impact a movement class could have on my ability to experience embodied self awareness. Even though I had been told that Rosen Movement was about experiencing your body from the inside out, and that Marion Rosen had designed the movements to keep the muscles relaxed and joints lubricated, a part of me still didn’t really get it. I exercise five times a week and do yoga, why would I ever need to attend a Rosen Movement class? It still felt a bit like lame exercise to me.

Then I met Karen Peters, our wonderful Movement Teacher Trainer and my eyes were opened to the true potential of Rosen Movement. Karyn explained to me on the first day that Rosen Movement wasn’t about exercise at all, rather it was an opportunity to experience relaxation in the body through ease in movement. Now she had my attention.

Rosen Movement isn’t about efforting, performing or getting it right. The movements and the pauses, along with the music, are designed to allow people to feel and experience the possibility of moving with ease and in a way that they are supporting themselves. As a result, people ┬áhave the opportunity to become more aware of the holding patterns in their body as reflected in their posture and how they move in the world. Then there is the opportunity to experience moving in a different way than we have before.

This is what happened to me. I had several experiences where I arrived at a new way of moving in my body that was more supportive and natural and yet it felt new and weird because I was so used to my old patterns. Allowing myself to sit, stand, move and walk from a new place was both scary and exciting and it brought forward deep feelings of how tightly I’ve had to hold on to myself to feel safe in this world.

My experiences early on in life taught me that the world was not a safe place and my body grew around those beliefs and feelings. Through the Rosen Method Bodywork training, I learned that a a person’s posture and the way they hold themselves, is a reflection of their life experiences. Rosen Movement gave me another way to access the holding and offered me the possibility of ┬ámoving differently in my body.

Moving with more ease during class created more relaxation in my body and allowed me to move forward in my life with more ease as well. Instead of “lame exercise”, the movement class came to feel like a safe playground for me to learn to have more fun and feel free to move the way nature intended. I now see Rosen Method Movement as the perfect complement to Rosen Method Bodywork and I am looking forward to doing the training! Thank-you so much Karen!

Cinnamon Cranston