A New Era for Rosen Method in Canada

Mariette Berinstein, COO

Rosen Method Cascadia Centre transitions….. as we embark on a new era for Rosen Method in Canada. A new name has been chosen that defines clearly who we are: Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc. (RMIC)

I, Mariette, have heartfelt gratitude to Bill Samsel, Director of Teaching, and the many people along my journey who continue to support Marion Rosen’s incredible work in Canada. What was once my vision is now a shared vision with other people who want to see Rosen Method grow and become more recognized in the world.

The Rosen Method Cascadia Centre was founded in 1994 by a small group of us who established the centre as a national non-profit company. I went from organizing Rosen Method Workshops and Intensives to managing the Rosen Method Cascadia Centre. Then, in the middle of 2005, came the next shift when the Rosen Method Cascadia Centre went from a non-profit company to a sole proprietor business. I was ready to take full responsibility for the Rosen Method Cascadia Centre; a decision that was fully supported by both the board and the Director of Teaching.

Then, in 2011, the school became a Registered Post Secondary Institution within the Province of British Columbia. The school was required to do this in order to continue to provide Rosen Method Training Programs in Roberts Creek, B.C.. Having Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement recognized as professional educational programs brought many unexpected benefits to our Canadian students. After considering all the changes that have unfolded over the last few years, it became evident to me last Fall that it was time to incorporate the school.

One of the benefits of incorporating is the opportunity to create partnerships with others. At this time, I am very excited to announce that Cinnamon Cranston has joined me as a partner in the Rosen Method Institute Canada. Cinnamon is a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner. Her passion for Rosen Method over the last three and half years has played a big part in promoting Rosen Method in Edmonton, Alberta where we are now providing part of the training program.

Rosen Method has been a big part of my life over the last twenty years. Looking back I realize that I have been guided and held by something much bigger than me, for along the way there has always been someone their supporting me, working with me. Rosen Method has touched me so deeply that it has changed the course of my life. It has allowed me to live my life more fully and for this I am very grateful.

I have now come full circle. We begin a new era for Rosen Method in Canada with new opportunities and possibilities. Cinnamon has experience, passion and commitment to this work, which is key to success. In stepping forward together we will continue to expand and grow.
The legacy for Rosen Method is now established in Canada.

A Few Words from Cinnamon…

Cinnamon Cranston, Vice President, Communications
Cinnamon Cranston, VP, Communications

I am excited and honored to be joining Mariette in the operation of the RMIC. Experiencing firsthand the truly transformational effect of this work, I am passionate about both increasing public awareness of the work itself and promoting the professional training programs offered at the R.M.I.C. Mariette has done an excellent job in getting the Canadian school recognized by the government of B.C. as a registered training program. Now it is time to spread the news of this work to other professionals in the health and wellness field as well as to the public at large. My job as Vice-President is to promote both Rosen Method and the RMIC. In addition I will be the spearhead of the school’s communications; managing the community blog on the RMIC website, compiling and editing the newsletter, managing the twitter/facebook  accounts, and answering contact emails. For all those that know me, I look forward to resuming my commitment to fostering the Rosen community with you; and for those that don’t know me, I look forward to meeting friends I haven’t met yet!