Rosen Method Bodywork

nw160224_2478Rosen Method is a unique form of bodywork using sensitive, gentle touch and words that invite deep relaxation.  In moments of deep relaxation, long-held feelings and memories may surface and be spoken. We can become aware of choices we made early in life around which we have shaped our lives. Rosen Method allows for the access of these feelings and experiences through the body, and the access of the unconscious through touch.

Rosen Method Bodywork gives you a greater understanding of the role of emotions in creating muscle tension and how emotions move through and are held in the body from early life experience.  With increased awareness of how early life shaped you, uncovering the love within becomes possible.

The Rosen Method practitioner has been trained to contact and connect with this tension, encouraging the client’s awareness of the barriers that have been unconsciously held in their body. The practitioner follows subtle changes in the client’s breath and muscle tension, supporting the possibility of shifts and changes. A subtle change can be a doorway into the recovery of vast potential.

“This work is about transformation ~ from the person we think we are to the person we really are.  In the end, we can’t be anyone else”  ~Marion Rosen, Founder

You can benefit from Rosen Method Bodywork if you:

  • have chronic pain or muscle tension
  • feel over-extended
  • are under stress
  • want relaxation
  • want to regain more freedom of movement
  • are seeking physical, emotional, spiritual awareness
  • are interested in personal growth
  • are in psychotherapy
  • want to establish deeper connections with self and others
  • want more aliveness

Rosen Method Body work help relieve chronic tension and overcome physical barriers, giving us opportunities for greater expression, motion and freedom to enjoy life.  This is an effective way to access our vitality, inner strength and our inner truths.  You will cultivate a presence that is receptive and open to others, yet grounded and supported in your body.

Rosen Method is an effective complement to psychotherapy, medical treatment, and alternative treatment modalities. It is simple and direct. Rosen Method can be a powerful tool for re-establishing our mind, body and spirit connections .

This work is founded on the importance of the body-mind-spirit connection.

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