Speakers: Call for Presentations

Rosen Method Global Congress 2014 Deadline for Presentation Proposals: February 15, 2014. Global Congress Dates: August 5-9, 2014

The Global Congress VI Program Committee announces the Call for Presentation Proposals for the upcoming gathering of Rosen Method students, interns, practitioners, movement teachers, trainers, and center leaders to be held in Whistler, British Columbia. This is the first time the Global Congress is hosted by Rosen Method Institute Canada and we are very excited to welcome you in the year of Marion Rosen’s 100th birthday.

The 2014 Global Congress theme is Embracing Our Roots, Growing Our Work, and Stepping Out. We want to invite presentation proposals from throughout the international Rosen Method community that will incorporate this theme and support the continued growth and development of Rosen Method.  There are several distinct categories of presentation proposals we would like to receive in addition to other ideas or creations you would like to offer.

Suggested Categories for Proposals

How Do We Keep Rosen Method Pure?

As Rosen Method continues to expand into new cultures and new generations it is vitally important that the essence of Rosen Method that Marion Rosen created is upheld and preserved.  We invite workshops and presentations on this topic that focus on the essence of Rosen Method bodywork and movement.  What are the core principles and essential components of Rosen Method?  What is unique about Rosen Method? How do we make sure Rosen Method is sustained without dilution from other approaches and therapies for personal growth?  How do we make sure we continue to embrace our roots? 

Business Development for Rosen Method

Workshops and presentations are requested on core business practices, client relations, marketing–including social marketing, networking, creating business alliances, establishing referrals from other professionals, financial planning, and other topics related to creating and sustaining a successful Rosen business – growing our work.

Psychobiology and Neuroscience Research and Applications for Rosen Method

This is a continuing focus for Rosen Global Congress gatherings, to provide opportunities to learn about current research relevant to somatic disciplines and healing modalities.  As more is known about the body/mind connection and how the nervous system works it helps our profession understand more fully what Rosen Method offers the world, thereby deepening our knowledge as we grow our work.

How to Deliver a Rosen Method Lecture-Demonstration

This topic combines offering a workshop on how to give a Rosen Method Lecture-Demonstration followed by the actual experience of offering a lecture-demo open to the public in Whistler two days later.  Participants in the workshop will participate in the planning and organization of the public lecture-demo and serve as assistants in this experience of stepping out.

Rosen Trainers Presentation on Empowering Trainees

What are the key developmental processes that Rosen trainees go through to become qualified and skilled Rosen practitioners and movement teachers?  What are Rosen trainers looking for during the progressive phases of classroom learning and internship?  How does Rosen training support new graduates to take their work out into the world, to step out with confidence and commitment?

Taking Action and Future Stepping Out

We are interested in receiving proposals with your ideas for workshops and presentations that provide a vision for Rosen Method in the future. What inspires your vision? What practical steps are needed for Rosen Method to become better known and recognized as a significant healthcare modality? How do you envision the growth of Rosen Method? How can Rosen professionals collaborate more to support each other and to build public awareness of Rosen Method? What is needed for Rosen Method to become more mainstream?

 In addition to the large group gatherings and the smaller workshops and presentations we want to offer a Rosen Method Movement Class each morning before breakfast. Please let us know if you are interested in leading a Rosen Method movement class during the Global Congress, which will include bringing the music you will use for the 60 minute class.

 You may also send in a proposal on a topic or approach that you would like to present that is not specifically included in the list above.  Please feel free to contact the Program Committee by email with any questions or inquiries you may have regarding your ideas or suggestions.

 Instructions and Deadline for Proposals

To submit your proposal please email it in English by February 15, 2014 to:

Global Congress VI Program Committee


Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number including country code
  • Please state whether you are a Rosen Method student, intern, practitioner, movement teacher, trainer, center leader, and/or Rosen Institute Board of Directors member
  • Title of your presentation or workshop
  • Description of the proposed presentation – one page maximum length
  • Amount of time needed (Range is 1 hour to 2 hours)
  • Physical space/resources needed – do you need a movement room, a bodywork table, a meditation space, audio/visual equipment, etc.?
  • What language will you be speaking in – will you need to provide translation to English?
  • Any additional information you feel is important for the Program Committee to know about your idea or proposal.

 In addition we ask each of you to please click on this link:  http://mad.ly/signups/73845/join  which will take you to the sign in screen to add you to our mailing list for our Global Congress VI newsletter.  Fill in your email address and click “subscribe” – that’s it!  You will automatically receive our communications about the Leadership Conference and Global Congress preparation and activities.  Future announcements, information, and updates will be sent out regularly throughout the next eight months to keep you informed as we prepare to welcome you.

 We look forward to receiving your proposal(s).

With gratitude,

Mariette Berinstein, Sarah Dandridge and Cinnamon Cranston