Rosen Method Global Congress 2014
We are pleased to announce that the following presenters will be leading sessions at the Global Congress in Whistler BC this year. (more photos and bios to come!)


Helmi Boese, MD is certified as Rosen Method Body Work practitioner since 2011; trained at the RM Berkeley Center, CA (2006-2008), and RM Center South West, NM, with secondary supervisions in Stockholm, Sweden. – Following her divorce and return to Germany in 2009, after 17 years abroad (The Netherlands, Switzerland and CA), she had to create a new professional and private life for her own. In conjunction with her former full clinical training in psychiatry as physician, her Rosen Method scope of practice emerged and she opened a private medical body psychotherapy practice in Michelstadt, Germany in 2010. In order to give her developing professional profile within the health care system a solid foundation and to share Alan Fogel’s excellent research with others, Helmi translated his book The Psychophysiology of Self-Awareness into German. She enjoyed the extra effort from 2011 until its release in fall 2013, finally at the requested publisher. The translation and editing process gifted her with profound scientific and practical understanding of RM’s connections into body, mind and soul, which further shapes her practice. See also (English text), email:

Gail bourqueGail Barry Bourque been a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner since 1986.  As a physical therapist looking for a more holistic approach to being with a person in need of physical therapy, Gail came to study Rosen Bodywork with Marion Rosen and Louise Barrie.  To learn more about the mind and the emotions, she subsequently earned a MA in Somatic Psychotherapy from CIIS and a Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology from CSPP (now Alliant University).  Gail has also studied extensively other forms of body/mind approaches including Somatic Experiencing, Feldenkrais Method, Sensory Awareness and currently TRE (Trauma and Stress Release Exercises).  She has had a private practice in Body Mind Therapy for over 27 years with a specialty in chronic pain and medical conditions.  Gail has been a guest lecturer in Rosen Method Bodywork Intensives in the United States, Russia and Israel.  She presented ongoing classes in Emotional Anatomy for ten years, and has led workshops in Attachment Theory, Issues of the Clinical Relationship in Rosen Method, The Neurobiology of Rosen Method and other topics at previous Global Congresses and many United States RMPA events.  She is also a BodyMind consultant and Rosen Method Bodywork Workshop Teacher.  Recently she developed a group process in MindBody therapy called Somagration: Where Mind and Body Integrate.

shanti s bernardShanti S. Bernard Certified  Rosen Method Practitioner since 2012, studied  with Marion Rosen  from 2008 – 2011 and trained with Jane Malek (Monterrey Bay Rosen  Method  Training) to be a practitioner. Stephen Morrell  from Eugene, Oregon  was and still is one her most influential teachers  and mentors in clinical  application of Rosen Work to clients  with  trauma experiences.  Shanti S. Bernard, has been healer, teacher, therapist and Reiki Master for  more than 25 years. She has been teaching and practicing Reiki, Massage and Bodywork for more that 20 years, and is especially experienced in Reflexology, Intuitive Massage, Hawaiian LomiLomi, Polarity, Cranio-Sacral Release Work, Lymphatic Drainage and Body and Soul Work. As a licensed N.D. in Germany since 1993 and trained in Integrative Gestalt-Bodywork-Therapy , Breath work, and NLP, she  brings   experience  and knowledge about various  forms of trauma  and trauma therapy to her work.  She head her own clinic in Bavaria for 25 years  until she moved to Hawaii in 2001. She opened her Integrative Somatic Therapy Clinic in Portland, Oregon in July 2009, where she offers treatments, counseling and classes to individuals, couples, and groups. Shantika has been teaching and facilitating Family Constellation, Inner Child Work, Dance Therapy, and Integrative Healing Arts in Germany, Greece, Switzerland, France, and Canada since 1988 and since 1998  on Maui and here in the US. After her M.A. thesis  on couples  counseling  in movement  2005 she is now finalizing her dissertation on Rosen Method and Trauma. Shantika holds a Master Degree in Depth Psychology, adding Sand-Tray and Dream Work in her modalities. Her clinical PhD in Pre- and Postnatal  and Somatic Psychology is in the dissertation phase. Somatic Integration and NS-Trauma Regulation have become the main focus of her private practice. She is available for consultations around questions about Holistic Health, Pregnancy and Birth, and Early Childhood Trauma in mothers and infants, and has trained in Trauma Therapy, using EFT and Rosen-Bodywork and Movement Therapy.

Ann Eringhaus

 Ann Ehringhaus

I have been self-employed since 1978. For many years I taught photography in the Artist-in-Schools program in North Carolina, and my fine art photography has been exhibited throughout the Southeast. In 1988 my first book, Ocracoke Portrait, was published. I have also owned and operated Oscar’s House Bed and Breakfast on Ocracoke Island in warm weather months since 1984. My new book, Ten Thousand Breakfasts, A Tale of Wonder, was published in late 2013. This tale of personal and spiritual change sheds light on my own healing and how I learned to share my home with over ten thousand guests! I also swim in the ocean almost daily from April to November. My personal journey with healing led me to Berkeley, CA., where I became certified in Chinese Acupressure in 1993 and Rosen Method Bodywork in 1996, both of which I practice on Ocracoke and in Carrboro, NC.  I have taught Reiki since 1997, and received my Doctorate in Ministry with Matthew Fox in 2006 in Oakland, CA. I’m having a deep and amazing life so far!

Alan Fogel

Alan Fogel, PhD, LMT is a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner and Certified Teacher, and the founding editor of the Rosen Method International Journal (  He has a Rosen Bodywork private practice in Salt Lake City, USA, and teaches intensives and workshops internationally in Rosen Method Bodywork, Embodied Self-Awareness, and Trauma and Resilience. He the author of Body Sense: The Science and Practice of Embodied Self-Awareness (W.W. Norton & Company, 2013), and writes a blog on body sense for Psychology Today magazine (




Jacqueline FogelJacqueline Fogel, MA, MS in Ed, Program Director, Certified Rosen Method Movement Teacher, LMT.  Jacqueline has been a Rosen Method Movement Teacher for five years.  She is currently in the Movement Training Teacher track to enable her to teach Rosen Method Movement (RMM) students to become RMM teachers.  Jacqueline has taught Rosen Movement both nationally and internationally in Finland, Russia, Germany, Canada, and England.  She has taught at conferences, to senior citizens through the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation program, and at the University of Utah.  In addition to Rosen Movement, Jacqueline is a NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) teacher and a Watsu practitioner.  Jacqueline is able to integrate her experience in program development in higher education both at Purdue University and the University of Utah in her position as Program Director for RMCSW.

Ivy Green

Ivy Green holds a Master’s degree in psychology.  She was a outpatient psychiatric counselor for fifteen years, and a college psychology instructor for seven years. She is an internationally certified Alexander Technique Teacher, a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Rosen Method Practitioner and Bodywork Teacher/Trainer. She has maintained a private bodywork practice for over thirty years, and is a member of the teaching staff of the Rosen Method Open Center.






Tollie Miller, a member of Rosen Method Open Center, is a Rosen Method Practitioner (since 2006) and Bodywork Teacher with a practice in West Hartford, CT.  As a member of the All Teachers Group (ATG) she was recently appointed to the Rosen Institute Board. A longtime community activist, she is also on her town’s Environmental Committee and teaches Meditation in a local prison. She is committed to increasing the presence of Rosen Method locally and globally.




Karen RoeperKaren Roeper  M.S.  Karen Roeper is a Senior  Rosen Method Bodywork Teacher and the founder of Essential Motion, a somatic-based coaching process. She has conducted trainings in both disciplines nationally and internationally for over 25 years. She holds a Masters in Counseling and Dance Therapy. Karen was in one of Marion Rosen’s earliest trainings. She has had a private practice in bodywork and movement for over 30 years. Her work is guided by curiosity , compassion and kindness. Karen is committed to fostering the transformative abilities within each person.



Anais Salibian I found my way home to my body through Rosen Method, and now I find that teaching it and having a private practice keep me living an authentic and satisfying life.   After a long search for a way that treats body and soul as one, I found that Rosen Method does indeed integrate all aspects of a person. I became a Certified Bodywork Practitioner in 1996,  and an Introductory Teacher four years later. I am now a primary supervisor and a Senior Bodywork Teacher with the Rosen Method Open Center. Teaching Rosen meets two of my needs: to contribute positively to the world, and  keep growing in awareness. Teaching seems to be necessary to my aliveness. I facilitate expressive arts workshops and writing classes in Memoir and Personal Essay and many other topics; they inevitably help people to find themselves.   The literary organization where I work, Writers & Books,  awarded me the 2004 Teacher of Adults Award for the Creation and Appreciation of literature. I developed Writing-to-Heal classes when I realized how much the craft of writing and Rosen Bodywork have in common: they both bring people to a state of embodied presence and they both help heal trauma.

Maja marts 2012

Maja Skau-Olsen, from Denmark, became a Rosenpracticioner in 2001. She has been an Anatomy teacher for Rosenstudents since 2007, and became a Workshopteacher in 2010. She started the international teachers training in 2012. A former nurse and anatomy teacher, she has a great passion for both anatomy and rosenmethod.






Elizabeth Smith, a member of Rosen Method Open Center, has been a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner since 2002.  She has also been a hospice and palliative care nurse for over 30 years.  One of her current interests is teaching nurses self-care strategies, including embodied self-awareness.  She practices Rosen Method in New York City and NJ.





Sandra Wooten

Sandra Wooten, MA, CMP, CHT, Senior Teacher, Founder, RMCSW.
 Sandra began her studies with Marion Rosen in 1978. She incorporated the Rosen Institute in 1983 and was the founding president of the Board of Directors. In 1986 she began teaching in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in 1990 founded the Rosen Method Center Southwest. She has a private practice in Rosen Method Bodywork in Orinda, CA. She has published several articles and a book on Rosen Method bodywork. Since 1984 Sandra has taught Rosen Method bodywork and movement in the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. Currently, as director of the Rosen Method Center Southwest, Sandra regularly teaches workshops in Rosen Method bodywork for individual personal growth, professional certification, and continuing education. Sandra is also on the faculty of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area, Berkeley, CA.  Owner, Rosen Method Center Southwest, Director of Teaching; RM Senior Teacher; Practitioner; Movement Teacher; Past Board Member for 25+ years.