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4-Day Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive – May 17-20, 2018 – Roberts Creek,BC

REGISTER NOW Cultivating Self-Awareness and Presence With Senior Teachers Bill Samsel and Mariette Berinstein.

4-Day Rosen Method Movement Intensive – April 5-8 – Cascadia Centre


Cultivating Self-Awareness and Presence – March 10th, Edmonton, AB


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Marion Rosen believed that Rosen Method could effect peace in the world, one heart, one nervous system at a time.
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4-Day Bodywork Intensive

Join us for the transformational experience of a Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive! In a Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive participants will explore in depth and gain a greater understanding of the powerful simplicity of the work through the Rosen Method circle, bodywork demonstration, movement class, and the Rosen Method quality of touch and words. In an open and safe environment, participants experience the opportunity to observe the effects of the work in themselves and their fellow students through demonstrations, hands on experience, discussion and sharing. The demonstrations are a teaching time where the teacher shares what they are doing, seeing and feeling. During this time questions are invited. Each person is invited to participate at a pace that supports them. The Intensives invite personal self-discovery and professional deepening. Rosen Method Bodywork Intensives offer an effective way to access your vitality and inner resilience as your body learns to shift out of survival mode and into ease. Participants have the opportunity to awaken and cultivate a presence that is both receptive and open to others, yet grounded and supported in their bodies resulting in experiences of greater connection to self and others and an improved ability to live in the moment. Through this work people can become more aware of past experiences, sensations, impulses, emotions, or needs that were not fully allowed at the time of there happening, due to early childhood circumstances beyond their control. With increased embodied awareness people begin to develop the capacity to integrate past experiences more fully and therefore gain a greater awareness of themselves in the present moment and openness to the possibilities of wellbeing. Our experienced teachers work with the group and one-on-one to support the participants progress throughout the Intensive. Most Bodywork Intensives are held in a residential setting with lodging and meals provided.  This setting is conducive to fostering focus and a safe space for growth and renewal.  Workshops usually have space for 6-14 participants depending on the location and number of teachers. Intensives can benefit anyone wanting more joy and connection in their life and to improve their emotional or physical wellbeing. They are also appropriate for anyone looking for continuing education and greater knowledge of the human body and emotional wellness. For those in the somatic field, this workshop can provide a great opportunity for professional development. Admission Requirements: Must have received two or more Rosen Method Bodywork sessions (link to practitioner listing) and an Interview with the Executive Director of the Rosen Method Institute Canada (email link: prior to registration in the Intensive. Rosen Method Bodywork Intensives are 3 to 4 days in length and are offered in a variety of locations. Click here to find one nearest you! Rosen Method Bodywork Training For more information on the Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner Training click here. (link here)  

4-Day Movement Intensive

Restore your body’s capacity for freedom and ease of movement! The 4-Day Movement Intensive is all about mindful movement and moving from the inside out. During a Rosen Method Movement Intensive, you will discover patterns of tension and habits of movement that have been causing pain or limiting your potential and learn how moving with ease can open up new possibilities for the freedom and joyful expression of movement. The effect is often restorative and liberating as you begin to inhabit yourself with greater awareness and self-compassion. Rosen Method Movement encourages natural, free breathing and uses gentle stretches, swinging and other exercises to improve body alignment and flexibility. During Movement classes all the joints of the body are moved through their full range of motion. Supported by music this movement is done in a lively group setting. Some movements are done individually, others with partners or in a circle. Participants will learn the different components and exercises within the Rosen Method Movement class format, and the relationship of music to the movements. Participants will also learn the principles of Rosen Method Movement through the exploration of the anatomy of the body as it relates to motion and emotion. Participants will have time to reflect and share on the effect of this work in themselves and their fellow participants. Our experienced teacher works with the group and one-on-one to support the participants progress throughout the Intensive. Most Movement Intensives are held in a residential setting with lodging and meals provided.  This setting is conducive to fostering focus and a safe space for growth and renewal.  Workshops usually have space for 6-14 participants depending on the location and number of teachers. Admission Requirements: Must have received an Interview with the Executive Director of the Rosen Method Institute Canada (email link: prior to registration in the Intensive. We also recommend that you attend a One Day Rosen Method Workshop prior to attending an Intensive. Click here to find out when and where the next Rosen Method Movement Intensive is! Movement Teacher Training For more information on the Rosen Method Movement Teacher Training click here. (link here)




Mariette Berinstein and Cinnamon Cranston are the co-owners of the R.M.I.C., the only centre for Rosen Method in Canada offering training programs and transformational workshops. Having experienced first hand the deeply transformative effects of the work through the learning, practicing and teaching process, both Mariette and Cinnamon are passionately dedicated to taking Rosen Method out into Western Canada and the Pacific North West, U.S.A. Together they hold a vision for the future of Rosen Method as a healing modality that is easily accessible, affordable and most importantly effective in it’s capacity to restore people to their vital, authentic, expressive and powerful selves.

What People Say

I have attended Rosen Method Bodywork workshops over a period of years and have grown from the experience. In the beginning it was unique to me to have insights into what experiences from my past were creating tension in my body in the present time. It became apparent to me that with the support of a practitioners hands bringing focus to my area of tension and the observations trained eyes voiced to me, I could recognize my repeated behaviour in my automatic responsiveness to stress and worry. With recognition and acknowledgment I have been able to release old habits and embrace new hope. Within the workshop setting I was also able to learn from witnessing and allowing others to have their own unique experience.

Maivis Engelhardt

Maivis Engelhardt


Hard to put into words the depth and power Rosen has been to me. Rosen method bodywork gave me the path to release old wounds and trauma which I had carried for so long. I felt “held” in Rosen and I was able to let go.

Grace Koehler

Rosen Method has taught me the wisdom of my body. While in session and while attending the Rosen Method Intensive/workshop, I have re-united with that part of me that is ancient and wise, that part of me that is God and unconditional love. Rosen Method has helped me heal traumatic experiences, which before were buried alive in my tissues, preventing me from living a full life. With the help of gentle, listening hands, I’ve come back to me.

Judy Walker

Although I had hugged, shook hands, and engaged in all kinds of contact … with continued exploration of Rosen Method touch I discovered I seldom had “true contact” with another. Rosen Method touch reached beyond the physical to be in contact with essence, the soul of me and the first time I touched another in this same way I began to know this presence as me. When we touch in this way listening goes beyond the regular senses and I am with a truth that guides and supports while creating a state of allowing that is authentic.

Susan Stirling

Susan Stirling

Rosen Method Bodyworker, RMIC Intern

Rosen Method definitely helped me through some difficult times in the final years of my career and transition into retirement.Through gentle touch and words used in Rosen Method, I became aware of deep
emotions and buried memories within my body that needed to be found, expressed and released. The release offered me a sense of freedom and space to live in the present moment that was new for me. In addition
I found more compassion for myself and others. My personal relationships are now more balanced, in that I now know that I do not need to take care of others to validate myself. With much gratitude, I acknowledge that Rosen Method has deepened my ongoing commitment towards self care and renewed my admiration for healing that is possible in my life.

Janie-Rae Crowley

Janie-Rae Crowley

Rosen Method Bodywork Intern

Our Team

Mariette Berinstein

Mariette Berinstein

Senior Teacher and COO of RMIC

President, COO of the Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc. Certified Senior Teacher

With over 18 years experience Mariette has a deep appreciation, an understanding and awareness of this compassionate, gentle, transformative work and that has created the foundation for the school, her teaching, and private practice.

Mariette Berinstein began her journey in 1989 with Elaine Mayland and Marion Rosen (Founder). In 1995 she became a Certified Rosen Method Practitioner. She studied with Paula Kimbro; became a primary supervisor. In 2003 Mariette studied with Bill Samsel completing her Rosen Method Teacher Training Programs (Certified Workshop Teacher, Teacher and Senior Teacher) completing in 2010. School Owner since 2005, she developed the Rosen Method training programs.

Cinnamon Cranston

Cinnamon Cranston

Co-owner, Rosen Method Workshop Teacher, Bodywork Practitioner and RMT

Cinnamon has a practice in Edmonton and has worked in the health and wellness field for over 18 years.

Bill Samsel

Bill Samsel

Director of Teaching, Rosen Method Institute Canada Inc., Certified Senior Teacher

 Bill Samsel was a student in Marion Rosen’s (Founder) first training class of 1980-1982. Bill continued to study with Marion and was a friend and colleague until her passing in January 2012. He became President of the Rosen Institute in 1998 and served for 5 years. In 2001 he became a certified Senior Teacher.

Bill is recognized world-wide for his teaching, his knowledge and depth of “Rosen Method” and is invited to teach in a number of the schools around the world. He is able to create and maintain a safe space for students, providing them an opportunity for deeper self-awareness and truthful self-expression. He brings warmth, humor and compassion to his work. He has a private practice in Santa Cruz, CA

Karen Peters

Karen Peters

Senior Rosen Method Movement Teacher Trainer, Alexander Technique Teacher

Karen Peters is a Senior Rosen Method Movement Teacher Trainer, and an Alexander Technique Teacher as well. Karen was trained in Berkeley as a Movement Teacher by Jane Malek and Lisa Thompson; she was subsequently trained as a Teacher Trainer by Theresa Garcia. She currently teaches a weekly class in Napa, California, and teaches movement training classes at the Berkeley Center. Karen has two young sons at home, and finds teaching Rosen Movement to be an invaluable source of sanity, love, joy, and aliveness.

Sarah Dandridge

Sarah Dandridge

CMT, SEP, Senior Rosen Method Teacher

Sarah Dandridge, CMT, SEP, was trained by Marion Rosen and has been practicing Rosen Method for 23 years in the Bay Area. For many years, Sarah has been a Primary supervisor for Rosen interns and she co-taught the first training class for supervisor candidates in Berkeley. Sarah is a certified Teacher and has taught introductory workshops and co-taught intensives in Canada, Moscow, Santa Fe and the Bay Area. She is also a certified practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, the technique developed by Peter Levine to resolve trauma in the body. Sarah served as treasurer of the Board of the Rosen Institute with Bill Samsel for 3 years. She is an avid birdwatcher.

Matthew van der Geissen

Matthew van der Geissen

Anatomy and Expression Instructor

Matthew van der Giessen has been integrating our understanding of body and mind for over three decades. He has created programs for massage students, bodyworkers, counsellors and yoga teachers. Matthew’s anatomy trainings help somatic practitioners deepen their experience of the sensory/imaginal body. Body tissues are felt and moved so that they can be experienced from the inside-out. The anatomical path of self-inquiry helps practitioners more fully understand their inner sensory landscape, helping them deepen their ability to meet others from a place of embodied presence.